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J-Land/The original environment may be gone, but the people are still here!

Thanks to Guido for the reminder that today is the (?) anniversary of J-Land. I'm not sure which aniversary this is. The number isn't important. What is important is that a very special bond was formed in a web space that was created and then removed by AOL. But the spirit of what J-Land was remains because people who met and cared about each other kept in touch. Like any community there were a few that wanted to make waves. There is no perfect place and there are no perfect people.

It is nice to be reconnected with a greater number of J-Land survivers through Facebook. It is also nice to go down memory lane and recall some of the great times we had in J-Land. Happy Anniversary J-Land!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas....and that everyone is looking forward to a happy new year!

Color Fading from:

Saturday, December 10, 2005


I'm protesting over there:

I'm doing new posts over here:

I'm sort of simul-posting over here:

4). Now I'm a member of a team that is joint-blogging over here:

I guess this is my cyber-equivalent of having a summer home, a winter home and a secret hideaway. I'm not sure if I'm trying to either find a comfort zone or leave my comfort zone....but please bear with me while I experiment and try to enjoy blogging again....the fun was truly taken out of it for a while! Thanks so much to everyone who has helped me get acclimated!

Testing Testing 1 2 3 Testing Testing 1 2 3

Merry Christmas! GoldWreath

This is just an experiment to see if Blogger will allow a Marquee. AOL used to, until they learned we discovered how to do it, then they took the ability away. Some people think they're too I'm not even sure I'll incorporate Marquees into my journal.....I'm just experimenting (I should be decorating the trees in my formal living room and my den instead of playing around here in J-Land)!

Things Are Really Different With This New Man In My Life